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Guidelines for UNAGI Partnership (UP)

📔 Guidelines for UNAGI Partnership (UP) Program
As per previous Medium post about the introductory of our new community project, Tamago AI, we had stated that we will be having series of event and intensive tools to be released on $UNAGI official website —
Hence, in this post, we are proudly to present to all $UNAGI communities, on how $UNAGI token to be utilized in gaining benefits from Tamago AI.
Today, without doubt, we had launched Tamago AI platform. As can see from our $UNAGI official website —, new design and layout had been released. The first intensive tool is available now, LP token locked.
Here with the guidelines:
Your UID is here
Paste UID in the input field
  • First, register your first account at Tamago AI.
  • Remember your UID and open up our official website and paste your UID to bind with your current wallet address. (Remarks: One wallet address is allowed to tie to one UID only)
  • Simply click on “BIND TAMAGO AI UID”.
  • Once you are binded with your UID, please click on “Approve Now” to provide allowance for locker contract to lock the LP token.
Approve for allowance
Check LP required for each package
  • Once “Approve” transaction completed, please proceed to choose one package for free activation code. (Note: LP Rate will be reset every 1 hour.)
  • Please proceed to PancakeSwap V2 add liquidity for BNB/UNAGI.
  • The minimum amount required is as stated in the selected package. For example, at time of screenshot taken, monthly pass required 0.19965 LP token of (BNB/UNAGI).
Lock and Get activation code
  • Once completed add liquidity, you can now proceed to lock your LP token on $UNAGI official website —
  • Once locked transaction success, activation code will directly bind with your Tamago AI UID. You can now proceed to login and view under “My Activation Code”.
  • List of LP locked details will be displayed below with a countdown timer.
  • Once timer is ended, you can choose to withdraw it immediately.

Terms of Locked LP

  • Monthly Pass — Required LP to be locked for 30 days
  • Quarterly Pass — Required LP to be locked for 90 days
  • Yearly Pass — Required LP to be locked for 365 days
Remarks : Each UID tied each address can only get each package for one time (E.g.: UID 100001 is bind with address A, hence, UID 100001 will only get free monthly pass for once, quarterly pass for once and yearly pass for once, with total accumulated Tamago AI account active duration will be 485 days). Free activation code obtain from this tools will not entitled for Tamago AI activation bonus reward.


Do follow our SNS/Publication channels for latest updates:
Reminder: $UNAGI Dev’s Team will never DM you in any channel to request for your wallet private key. Please do your proper research and also understand the risk before you proceed to any kind of investment including UnagiSwap. Please beware of there might be FAKE smart contract, Scammer or Same/Similarity token name in the network. Please do read properly all the information and we will not responsible for any loss of the community.