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🎆Official UnagiSwap Finance is Live! (Completed)

Ho Ho Ho! Fellows Unagian, our official main page of UnagiSwap Finance is now live. We had included details about project and our new official Telegram Group for both EN and CN Community had been created.
To celebrate the launch of our Official Website, UnagiSwap Finance, we had launched the following event to boost our Official Telegram Group communities:
Hello, Unagian and fellow member!
To celebrate our outcoming Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) in PancakeSwap for our $UNAGI, we are giving out up to 200 Unagi meals (Worth 5 Busd) for free! Just simply…
1. Follow @unagiswap Twitter
4. Retweet our latest tweet post and tag 5 friends in this post
5. Do provide only your BEP-20 supported address in tweet post
6. Share your tweet links on Official EN Telegram Group or Official CN Telegram Group and tag @JohnUnagi
For every 1000 Followers on @unagiswap and Official EN Telegram Group or Official CN Telegram Group, we will randomly select 25 qualify Unagian and send out 5 BUSD to them to treat them a fresh Unagi Meal!Maximum up to 200 people only! Winners will be announced in a later post in Official Telegram Announcement Channel.
This event will be ended on 6th May 2021 and winners will be concluded on 7th May 2021.
One secret to inform is our airdrop winners will be announced on 6th May 2021 on Official Telegram Announcement Channel, Official EN Telegram Group and Official CN Telegram Group. So make sure you are inside the group before the post published.
UnagiSwap Finance