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$UNAGI Mega Announcement ๐Ÿ”Š
With great honor to present to our community, $UNAGI will be revamped to $UNA, the new hyper-deflationary and gamification use-case token.
UNA IDO Sales will be on 16 July 2021 4PM UTC. We will be announcing the DxSale Official Link in Twitter, Telegram & Medium only. So beware of scammers from everywhere and we will only posted our DxSale Link on our official channel.
$UNA โ€” The Hyper-Deflationary Token with Proof of Community (PoCom)
By maintaining the features of $UNAGI and adding new characteristics to $UNA, we had scheduled to roll out the following measures to fit both $UNAGI existing holders and $UNA.

Features implemented in $UNAGI

โœ… Lock Liquidity
โœ… Auto Reward Holding
โœ… Continuous development on community project (First completion: Tamago AI Scalping Robot)

Features to be implemented in $UNA

โšก Auto Buyback & Burn
โšก Auto Compounding Farm
โšก $UNA Referral Program
โšก $UNA JackPot
โšก $UNA Lucky Draw
โšก Proof of Community (PoCom)
For more details about, please feel free to read our latest Medium Post below
๐Ÿ“ธ $UNAGI Mega Announcement ๐Ÿ”Š
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Features implemented in $UNAGI
Features to be implemented in $UNA