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$UNAGI Airdrop Event (ENDED)

Airdrop $UNAGI, Are you ready?

Due to overwhelming of Airdrop event, we have received multiple addresses from multiple SNS channel. Hence, event will be closed by today. We will concluded the winners and announce it later.

Notice: Due to more than 12000 address from multiple SNS channel, we will then randomly pick addresses that is qualified for the airdrop event. We had increased to 12900 address to be qualified for the airdrop. Calculation still in progress. Please stay tuned for updates.

With all effort done by $UNAGI Dev’s team, we had scheduled an airdrop event to be launched on 29th April 2021. To be eligible in this event, $UNAGI lovers are required to follow our Twitter, share the Airdrop event post, and tag 5 of your friends in the post, then post your BEP-20 address under the event post, we will choose the first 12000 addresses posted.
In this event, we do not restrict you from participating using more than one BEP-20 address. We just love that if you do so. If the events ended with less than 12900 addresses participants we will randomly pick any BEP-20 address from BSCScan.
The rewards are to be distributed as following:
  • Random 2000 addresses will get 0.1% of the total supply of $UNAGI token which is 10B of $UNAGI token for each address.
  • Random 9900 addresses will get 1B of $UNAGI token for each address.
  • Random 1000 addresses will get 1M of $UNAGI token for each address.
Airdrop rewards scheduled date will be informed soon.
All transactions hash sent will then be posted on UnagiSwap Official Twitter, Telegram and Medium.
Airdrop Event Ended