Frequently Asked Questions

$UNAGI Hodler receive $UNAGI for Free?

Yes, you are right! With our RFI static model, every single transaction made by communities, 7% from the total 12% of $UNAGI will be fairly distributed to the BSC network. So HODLER be ready to get more $UNAGI!

Why and what is Anti-Pump-Dump-Exist Feature?

Although we do love Whales to support us, we also care for our communities and create a better environment for $UNAGI User. That is why the $UNAGI communities have decided to provide an Anti-Pump-Dump-Exist feature to minimalize single account holders to sell or transfer more than 1.13% of the total supply for the initial stage. The transfer rate might become smaller as soon as the communities grow. You all decide!

Can $UNAGI creator remove all the Liquidity Provider(LP) and remove all the funds?

As part of the communities, we are a group of developers across the world who passionate and enthusiastic about crypto or blockchain technology. So, we decided to LOCK the LP as long as we can to show our effort to communities. Anyone can check the locked LP anytime they want.

Where is $UNAGI Smart Contact Address?

Please beware to our community user, there are a lot of fake smart contract that is trying to scam crypto user. We only have one smart contract for $UNAGI which is 0x8f20eBD7Cdb3eFdb51D58D582a21e1A0b41F4436. Please refer click here to here $UNAGI contract address.

Why when buying $UNAGI from Pancake with get charged for 12% but if transfer 10% fee charges?

Due to Liquidity Provider fee charges from the Pancake platform, the additional 2% is charged to provide the fee to the LP. This is a common situation for using PancakeSwap.

What benefit for $UNAGI holder?

Well, there will be tons of features that will be released to our communities as soon as we are ready to go! In UnagiSwap we like to make every community earn more from buy, staking, or trading! Sound great right? Please stay Tune our Twitter or Telegram

Any Burn mechanism for now or in near future?

Absolutely Yes! In UnagiSwap, for every single transaction, there will be 3% of the purchased amount will be burned from the total supply FOREVER! Furthermore, there will more burn mechanisms will be launch during staking, and also AI trading bot available for the UnagiSwap community.

Where can we get the latest news from UnagiSwap?

Feel free and pleased to subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram group. All the latest news will be updated on this social platform!