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5 Perspective of UnagiSwap Finance

  • Application
    • With implementation of RFI token parameters and featuring sUNAGI as deflationary utility token on Binance Smart Chain, token holders can use their tokens in all sUNAGI's community project including, Tamago AI, upcoming Yield Farming Optimizer and Referral Program Bonus.
  • Utilization
    • With reducing of total supply and fixed amount of token circulating, overall profit/cost ratio will be greatly increased. Hence, the utilization of sUNAGI on other community platforms will be overwhelming such as Tamago AI, Staking Referral Program, Lucky Draw.
  • Fungibility
    • As BEP-20 token, fungibility is important to token holders and investors. sUNAGI aim to be widely available as medium of value exchange for physical products and other on-chain Non-Fungible products in future roadmap.
  • Transferability
    • To ensure the transferability of sUNAGI token, we had added buy back features with use of the fees collected through on-chain transactions. This will build the stronger resistance against major tokens sell transactions.
  • Purpose
    • With incentivize methodology of new sUNAGI token, it will bring individual behaviors to show the purpose in Proof of Community(PoCom). As the rewarding programs beneficial to the token holders, with the absence of the third parties, 100% are accumulated throughout the project roadmap.